Helten Communications Inc.


English / editing / checking

“Japanese-to-English translation and editing services, specializing in environment, climate, and sustainability”

We provide clear, succinct, and accurate communications in English, with 25+ years of experience with environmental and sustainability topics for academia, business, government agencies, and citizens’ groups. We bridge language barriers and support efforts to ensure that our planet remains a beautiful and livable place for present and future generations.


Under a tight publishing deadline? Just a day or hours before you must send or print? (Or even, already past your deadline?) Are you sure your document is error-free? You could be wrong. Before you press Send or Print, ask us for a “dummy check,” as a final check of your work. A combination of factors, including multiple authors and editors, human error, mild dyslexia, fatigue, and over-confidence in spell-checking software can result in writers missing something critical. You may not notice an error until it is too late.

For an objective review, consider sending us your document for a final check for errors before you send it to your most important client. You’ve worked hard to get everything right, but when you’re working under deadline — a situation in which researchers and editors often find themselves — simple and potentially embarrassing errors can slip past, especially when you’ve developed and re-read your document numerous times. Your tired, over-worked brain can let things slip past. Ask us for a free estimate.